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Who is on the ballot in the next election? How to register to vote? ...and more Offices up for Election June 3, 2014 Forums our League will Host Important Dates

City Offices up for Election June 3, 2014

Robb Davis, John Munn, Rochelle Swanson* Incumbent, Sheila Allen, Daniel Parrella,

County Offices up for Election June 3, 2014

Don Saylor* Incumbent Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Judicial Candidates

Superior Court Judge, Dept 2 Tim Fall* Incumbent

Superior Court Judge, Dept 3 Janene Beronio, Larenda Delaini, John P. Brennan, Fredrick Cohen

Superior Court Judge, Dept 5 Steven M. Basha* Incumbent

State of California - State Assembly 4th District

Dustin Call, Dan Wolk, Joe Krovoza, Charlie Schaupp

Yolo County Department Elected

County Clerk-Recorder/Assessor

Freddie Oakley* Incumbent, David Schwenger

District Attorney

Jeff Reisig* Incumbent

Public Guardian/Administrator

Cass Sylvia* Incumbent


Ed Prieto* Incumbent

Superintendent of Schools

Jesse Ortiz, Sam Neustadt

Important Dates

Certified List of Candidates Mar 27 Voter Information Guide Mailing Period Apr 24-May 13 VBM Ballot Mailing Period May 5-May 27 Last Day to Register to Vote May 19 Last Day to Request VBM Ballot May 27 Election Day (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) Jun 3

Voter Information

For Yolo County election information, please go to the website. This is the best place for Yolo County residents to find the information which will be on their ballot. You can also call the office to determine if you are registered to vote in this county, 530.666.8133 or 800.649.9943.

To further investigate candidates and ballot measures for statewide elections, check out these non-partisan websites:

California Secretary of State


Easy Voter Guide:

Mock Election: and for voting age students: Parents and Teachers should check these out.

Smart Voter

Smart Voter: Key in your address and zip code, see the contests on your ballot. Then click away and find information on candidates and ballot measures -- from the League and other nonpartisan sources. Archives of past elections available with election results. Go to Smart Voter

See more information on elections in California: preparing to vote, voting (in person, by mail, if you've moved), voting rights, take a friend to vote, results of past elections, etc.

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name?

See information about registering to vote in California: deadlines, cost, requirements, how to register, political parties, registration drives, living overseas, etc.

Online Registration in State of California

As of January 1, 2012 it is now possible to register online in California.

Go to: